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A Step by Step Process for Unlimited Instagram Captions for Business

you've spent so much time editing the,Perfect Image or creating the perfect,reel for your followers but when it,comes time to publish what the heck do,you say in your Instagram caption should,you go short or long serious or,light-hearted do people even read these,things I'm going to answer these,questions and more in this video and,give you a step-by-step process to,follow for Endless Instagram caption,ideas for business so make sure you stay,to the very end,what's up everybody welcome back to the,channel I'm Brandi with Life Marketing,the digital marketing agency with the,mission help small businesses grow real,quick like subscribe and ring the,notification Bell so you don't miss any,of the marketing videos that we put out,every week that will help you grow your,business all right so today I'm giving,you the tools we use to build Instagram,captions both for our own business as,well as for our small business clients,and side note if you want to be one of,our small business clients and have us,handle everything about your social,media for you I will put our contact,Link in the description for that but,otherwise if you follow the steps in,this video you'll be able to overcome,writer's block and write a great,Instagram caption every time and the,steps I'm sharing can be applied for any,brand in any industry so let's get,started step number one is to write down,your customers goals and pain points why,do your customers buy your product or,service what motivates them to make the,purchase you can answer these questions,by understanding what your customers,goals and pain points are as it relates,to your business people don't buy,something because of the technical bells,and whistles or because your company has,XYZ they buy it because it's helping,them achieve a goal they have or solve a,problem that they have let's put that,into real life context when buying a,dishwasher people don't care about what,tools or gadgets make up the dishwasher,they just want to know if it'll get,their dishes clean in one go or not,leading an Instagram caption with our,new dishwasher has the turbo cleaning,Gadget 3.0 it's not going to get,people's attention because they don't,care they want to hear with our,dishwasher you don't have to scrub your,plates before putting them in let's look,at another example our photography,studio uses the new Canon EOS 90d EFS 18,or 135 millimeter camera versus our goal,is to deliver beautiful photos that,you'll cherish for a lifetime you see,where I'm going with this too many,business owners get caught up focusing,on themselves when really your caption,should be focused on your target market,and what they want making a research,list of your customers goals and pain,points will help help keep your,Instagram captions focused on the right,thing from the start and pro tip this,General principle can and should be,applied throughout all of your marketing,strategies not just your Instagram,captions all right moving on to step two,address that list in an informative way,there are three types of Instagram,captions you can have and informative is,one of them and we'll get to the other,two in a minute but informative is,probably one of the easier or most,straightforward to get started with a,lot of times informative captions are,educational delivering facts or,tutorials but just remember to deliver,the Right facts share the information,your audience cares about not just the,information you care about step three is,to address your audience's goals and,pain points in a funny or entertaining,way given the lighthearted nature of,most social media platforms this tends,to be a successful approach to take when,it comes to your Instagram captions in,my Twitter for business video I talked,about how Brands now more than ever are,taking a lighthearted and humorous tone,this is the example that I shared when,Facebook and its sister platform,Instagram went down in Fall of 2021,Twitter published its own status saying,hello literally everyone because Twitter,was seeing a surge in users since,Facebook and Instagram were down from,there other big Brands replied to the,Tweet Starbucks said perfect time for a,coffee break the NFL said hey what's up,how about the game last night and what,really made us laugh was Instagram,sarcastically chiming in saying hi and,happy Monday with this Emoji so even,Instagram one of the platforms that went,down didn't reply with a formal press,release about how they're doing,everything they can to get their,platform back online,et cetera Etc they instead replied with,something witty that simultaneously,acknowledges the reality of the,situation which allowed other brands to,continue making light of the situation,from there the Calm app replied to both,Instagram and Twitter saying reminding,you to take a moment to shut your eyes,and take a few deep mindful breaths,Reddit said how are you doing Instagram,social media manager and the list went,on now I know those are all tweets but,the same general principle

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Instagram captions | Happy instagram captions for boys and girls

Instagram captions | Happy instagram captions for boys and girls

(Video) Best Captions For Sisters | Best Sister Captions For Instagram | Instagram Captions For Sisters

hello everyone a warm welcome to you on,my youtube channel learn with carmi,as we know guys instagram is a need of a,time,we know how important insta is so,we often need so many captions to upload,our picture,divided,foreign,when i,yourself today you,thank you

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Instagram Captions 2020 IDEAS!

Instagram Captions 2020 IDEAS!

hey guys I mean as a director of,partnerships at sidewalker daily and for,today's video we're gonna talk about how,to write captions mostly for Instagram,if you're new to our channel welcome we,mostly work with brands in the travel,industry we do like their influencer,marketing and social media strategy but,we also work with influencers and,content creators on one-on-one coaching,and you know helping them build their,business so the reason I want to talk,about you know how to write captions is,because on the brand side you know,captions on your Instagram are so much,more than just how you're feeling,they're really strategic and if you're a,content creator or creative and you're,watching this video I hope that one,thing that you can take from this is,that your captions are really I guess a,reflection of your brand Instagram used,to just be about posting photos and you,know having fun short little witty,captions but things have changed I feel,like the caption is a space right now,that a lot of creatives are using almost,as like a micro blogging resource people,are kind of steering away from the blogs,and using their captions to write these,heartfelt messages so in today's video,we're gonna talk about different caption,styles I'll give some examples and kind,of walk you through on how to write you,know a good caption so there are,different caption categories so to speak,when you are writing out your captions,for your posts one of them can be,considered the quotes you know a lot of,people like to use quotes or,inspirational quotes in their caption,you know your caption can be funny it,can be if that's who you are you know it,can be like smirky or kind of have like,a sass to it you can be vulnerable in,your captions captions can be a place,where you can really show someone that,vulnerability a certain topic that you,know or a certain thing that you're,going through you know there's also,people are very can be really serious,with their captions like if they're,discussing something that's super,important to them you know there's,different tones and there's different I,guess vibes to your caption and I think,one of the most successful some of the,most successful,excuse-me influencers that really use,their captions it's kind of like an,indication of who they are kind of stick,to one style so of course you can't be,funny all the time or you can't be sad,or you know engaging or tell stories,really short but consistency is key when,your audience gets used to seeing the,same type of caption all the time it's,not boring for them you may think it's,boring but it's not it feels safe and it,feels like predictable and it feels,constant and people who follow others on,social media like predictability they,like to you know understand they like to,like feel like they know you because,this is who you are so definitely,something to consider to not like jump,around on all different types of caption,categories,so some things you're going to want to,consider when you're writing out your,caption is a caption let I think we're,at a stage right now like I've been,saying that captions have been getting,longer and longer and longer and I think,it's because Instagram is focusing on,being more authentic and more real I,mean I've seen captions that I've,written like back in the day and they,were literally like three or four words,you know like it's a vibe or I don't,know and then that's it so the days of,perfect Instagram accounts are slowly,leaving us so feel free to use your,caption as a space to get as raw and as,vulnerable you know as authentic really,get into it people are really reacting,well to it and are interested in it,another thing that's really important,when writing your captions is to,remember that the first few lines are,the most important it's like your,headline it's like your trigger so a lot,of times you know what I like to do when,I'm writing my captions or advising,clients on how to write theirs is kind,of take a look around like what captions,made you stop in your tracks okay so you,stopped for a question or you stopped,with I don't know all caps or what did,you stop for write it down take a note,say okay well I stopped for these type,of caption so try to like use that as a,reference point when you're writing your,own obviously the first few lines are,super important because people can't,read the whole spiel but always take,know of like what is making you stop so,that you can then kind of create,something that you know obviously in,your own way not copying others that,that speaks to that as well,another thing to consider when writing,your caption is hashtags I think again,back in the day we saw like tons of,hashtags people would always use right,now it's a lot more limited people are,like limiting their hashtag use and,their captions obviously hashtags are,important part of Instagram so I'm not,saying to get rid of them altogether,just kind of being a little bit more,mindful of the hashtags that you are,using and the sa

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Hacks for writing better Instagram Captions

Hacks for writing better Instagram Captions

if you literally draw a blank every timeyou get to the writing part of posting,on Instagram this video is going to giveyou all the tools you need to write more,creativelystop being cliche and write something,that people actually love reading,hey there I'm Emma Natter and I help youbeat the odds and create your own,success however you want to define thatI teach people like you how to learn and,master strategies that will allow you tomove your important valuable work,forward so you can be the influence forgood in the world that you dream of so,the truth is that most people's captionson Instagram sound exactly like everyone,else's and if there's one thing tounderstand about business and having a,brand is that if you look sound or actlike everyone else you're going to get,lostso I used to write captions like this,and here's why they don't work they'retotal cliches but applying just a few,things that I learn in the best myfavorite program of my life which is my,creative writing master's program um Istopped writing cliche captions and,actually started connecting with peopleon a deeper level right away so I've,shared these strategy just to stopwriting cliche captions and start,writing creative more valuable captionswith hundreds of students who are,finding the same as they do it we'regetting way more captions way more,engagement creating a better communityso first let's make sure that we're on,the same page about what a cliche evenis so it cliche is something that's,somebody's already said before so inhigh school my English teacher instead,of cliche was something that you'veheard said at least twice before so I'd,keep careful note of if I'd heard thingsonce before I was still okay to use it,another time but then I go to collegeand my English professor said a cliche,is something that you've heard even onceso total higher standards so that means,if you've even heard something once assoon as you repeat it it's going to feel,less powerful it's going to feel like acliche so cliches are often what comes,to your mind first which kind of sucksbut we'll talk about how to get over it,later you know when you're thinkingsomething like what's something I can,write that will inspire people and soyou write something like everything,happens for a reason or life is whathappens when you're busy making other,plans or sing like no one is listeninglove like you've never been hurt dance,like no one is watching now I mean theseare things that people believe and there,are actually good stuff but we repeatingthem on your own social media is like,handing out Chips Ahoy cookies whenyou've got a fresh batch of warm perfect,chocolate chip cookies that have thepotential for people to remember,love them for a long time I haveremembered lots of delicious chocolate,chip cookies in my life so anywayInstagram has its own set of cliches,like take me back most beautiful weddingday ever,Sunday vibes have you seen ever seen amore stunning bouquet mood,most gorgeous gown I've ever seen and/orI loved working on this project so all,of these captions are very low valuecaptions and that's just the way cliches,work they're like Twinkies they don'tstay with you and lift you they're just,like a waste of space they're just gonnatake a space so I don't finish reading,these kinds of captions and think wowI'm so glad that I read that I feel like,my day is slightly better because I readit no I'm usually like well that's not,really very helpful and I'm less likelyto read their captions in the future now,not everyone is a caption reader butlots of people are and if you like,reading captions likely your audiencedoes too so when you start writing,captions that they care about they'lljust read and comment on your captions,more and more and more so if you'rewanting more ideas about how to get,comments on your Instagram posts checkout my video right here about it okay so,here's exactly how to stop writingcliches basically the problem with,cliches is that they're super abstractand we need to make them not abstract,and then they won't be cliches anymoreso what I mean by abstract is that I,don't get enough information to makethis feel like a single real moment that,feels really human that I can connectwith I'll give you some examples in a,sec so it's sort of like when I seeMichael reading a book and I'll say what,are you reading and he's just like abook and I'm like dude I know you're,reading a book I'm asking adifferent questions so I don't want to,have to ask every single tiny questionto get details from him so if you were,in a post a caption about reading andyou just said I love reading refresh my,library today and ready to bingeI would probably scroll right past that,but if I were like a super generousaudience member I might think gosh I,wish she would tell us more about whatshe's reading and why so which books did,she decide and why did she decide onthem so less abstract caption might be,something like I

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10 Cute Selfie Caption For Instagram | Trendy Caption Ideas for insta | Instagram hacks

10 Cute Selfie Caption For Instagram | Trendy Caption Ideas for insta | Instagram hacks

(Video) TOP 20 INSTAGRAM SISTER'S CAPTIONS | Quotes | Latest Sister's Captions| Trendy Captions

कि हर रोज सुबह एक बार फिर से स्वागत है,आपके अपने YouTube चैनल डीटीएच पिंपल मैं,हूं और आज मैं बिल्कुल यू अरे टॉकिंग,वीडियो के साथ को बताऊंगी इंस्टीट्यूट,सर्टिफिकेशन फॉर इंसिडेंट जी हां तू मेरे,वीडियो को एंटर देखा ना भूलें और फटी,एड़ियां कुछ से लेकर आज का वीडियो शुरू,करते हैं तो बेस्ट ऑफ द बेस्ट मतलब होता,है कि आप आने वाली है मतलब आप लोगों को,बता दे कि वह उससे भी आने वाली जो लाइन,में देख रहे हैं आप उसके लिए बहुत से,लोगों की तरफ आकर्षित करता है करता है,लोगों के लिए हमारे चैनल को अगर,अपने टाइप की एक्टिविटी कर रहे हैं तो कुछ,खेल आउटडोर गेम खेल रहे हैं जो गेम खेल,रहे हैं तो आप उसकी साथ सेल्फी लेकर आप,यूज कर सकते हैं कि संडे इस फंडे तो यह,बहुत इंट्रस्ट होता है जो लोग अपने देंगे,इसमें यूज करते हैं आप इसे यूज कर सकते,हैं जो कि बहुत ही सारे इंट्रस्टिंग रहता,है मैंने ऑप्शन है भी टो सित इन थे सिंपल,मतलब इसका मतलब यह है कि जो आप कर रहे हो,वह करो यह का मतलब यह है कि मुझे सही है,और आपने वह साथ फ्राय करना और लोग आपको,उसके लिए बोल रहे हैं यह नहीं तुम बात,करोगे तो हम यह हुआ तुम्हारा व होगा तो उन,सबको इग्नोर करते हुए वह काम करूंगा उस,काम को कंट्रोल रखो क्योंकि यहां पर कोई,भी पैटर्न नहीं है जो भी है लोग डूबे लोग,हैं वह सब कहीं ना कहीं गलत होते हैं एक,महाव्रत सुनाओगे किसी को सोने से पहले आप,उसमें जाकर देखिए आपको अपने कमी पहले,सुधार देंगे तभी कोई आपके सुनने का यह अगर,आप यहां कोई काम स्टार्ट करते हैं तो उस,आफ सेल्फी लेते हैं तो वहां पर कैप्शन,अलार्म सेट यूज कर सकते हैं जो कि बहुत,ज्यादा मोटीवेटिंग ऑप्शन है और बहुत ही,इंट्रेस्टिंग ऑप्शन भी है मैंने इस,क्वेश्चन है लाइफ इज बेटर व्हेन यू लाइक ए,अपने,हों के बाद सुनाई होगा बहुत से लोग उससे,उस रूप को देखकर अपने लाइफ में इंप्रूव,करते हैं राइट साइड को सही तरीके से चलाने,के लिए हंसना भी बहुत जरूरी है आपको खुश,रहना बहुत जरूरी है अपनी लाइफ में आगे,बढ़ना चाहते हैं हर काम कैसे करना चाहते,हैं तो आपके लिए आपका खुश होना बहुत जरूरी,है तो इसी साइड कि अगर आप किसी जगह पर गए,हैं आप बहुत खुश है वह लाइफ इंजॉय कर रहे,हैं तो उस साइड इफेक्ट इसमें आप कैसे यूज,कर सकते हैं हमारा एक्सट्रैक्शन है बीमार,ऑफ व्यू आफ एंडलेस एंड बहुत ही सिंपल है,मतलब तुम हो वैसे ही रहो करने की कोई,जरूरत नहीं है मतलब जितने तुम हो जैसे कोई,जरूरत नहीं कर सकते हो इस चीज को समझाने,के लिए कुछ करते हैं कि आप कर सकते हैं,तु बहुत नॉटी वेट करेगा शिव और फ्यूल फॉर,द मतलब उसको देखना बंद करो तो यह ऑप्शन,बहुत अच्छा है आपके लिए और इससे रिलेटिड,सांस लेते हैं तो प्लीज सब्सक्राइब जरूर,यूज करिएगा मिनिस्टर ऑप्शन है मेज़बान,वेस्ट यह आप यूज कर सकते हैं आप लोग यूज,कर सकते हैं जो कि बहुत इंपोर्टेंट सकते,हैं तो आप कह सकते हो मतलब खूबी उन्हें,उनके साथ खूबसूरत हो सकता है या कुछ कह,सकते हो सकता है तो कर सकते हैं तो,सब्सक्राइब करें अगर आपको अपने आपको अपने,आपको बहुत अच्छा लगता है यह आपको बहुत,अच्छी लगे तो इसे यूज कर सकते हैं,कि अब हम लेस कैप्शन है बी हाफ़िज़ नेवर,गो आउट ऑफ़ साइल तो जी हां गाइस अब इन्हें,जहर खुश रहना है जो कभी नहीं जाती है तो,अगर आप यूज कर सकते हैं और बहुत करता है,कि इतने लाइक करें तो आप भी होनी चाहिए,जरूर करें तो कमेंट बॉक्स में जरूर बताइए,आप यूज कर सकते हो तो आप यहां पर देख सकते,हो कि,इंटेंस तो गाइस एक ऑप्शन बहुत ही ज्यादा,कूल लगता है अगर आप लोग साइकेट्रिस्ट यूज,करें है तो आप पिंक फ्लावर कलर यूज कर,सकते हो मैं कुछ और वियर है वहां पर,डिपेंड करता है तो गाइस आज के लिए बस इतना,ही फिर मिलूंगी एक और न्यू लेटेस्ट वीडियो,के साथ ही अगर आपको मेरी वीडियो पसंद आई,है तो प्लीज इस वीडियो को लाइक करें शेयर,करें और अगर आपने मेरे एप्स अपने,परीक्षार्थी यूज करेंगे तो प्लीज मुझे,कमेंट बॉक्स में जरूर बताएं मैं फिर,मिलूंगी एक और न्यू लेटेस्ट वीडियो के साथ,तब तक के लिए आपको चाहिए मुस्कुराते रहिए,और अपने हमें का ध्यान रखिए थैंक यू अ

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INSTAGRAM HOW TO: Write Photo Captions Ep. 5

INSTAGRAM HOW TO: Write Photo Captions Ep. 5

and we're back with my Instagram series,what's up guys so I've gotten a few,questions and concerns on whether or not,I was going to continue to Instagram,theories because it's been a couple,months since I've justice owed obviously,if the series is not over I am back with,episode 5 which is going to be the,ultimate guide on how to write Instagram,captions because as we all know it's,like writing an essay for your final the,stress the pressure if you're new to,this series then you may not know that I,am a freelance social media consultant,and a lot of stuff I also applied,towards my clients social media accounts,and it's really effective,so get your pho ready take all these,notes or just follow along with this,video and I hope it's helpful Instagram,is a visual platform where you upload,photos and video but the caption is also,really important because it represents,you and your brand there are mainly two,categories when it comes to writing a,caption and then there's kind of like,in-between so the first one is just,being short and sweet very minimal so,maybe you write a sentence and like a,few emojis I see this a lot I do it a,lot and then there is the story telling,couple paragraphs very in-depth and,honestly I feel like instagrams almost,like a blog though it is very fast with,how you scroll and consume the content,and you're also not just following one,person you're following many people and,like I mentioned there's kind of like,this in-between where you're not just,writing a sentence and you're not,telling an entire story and so there are,many options when it comes to writing a,caption on Instagram so whether you're,keeping it very simple or you are,getting into depth there are three,things that you always want to include,in your,captions and that is context having some,like meat in there that kind of explains,the photo or the video so people aren't,just looking at the photo and they're,like cool great and then I swipe you,want people to engage and usually the,caption helps doing that you also want,to show your personality be quirky and,fun and just like silly,I usually gravitate towards people who,are very positive and high-energy silly,and quirky in their captions and also,their photos and video so make sure when,you are creating your voice in your,captions that you let your personality,shine through and last but not least to,increase engagement you want to call to,action you want this or anything that,you're doing Instagram is by far the,best platform to drive your followers to,your blog your website or your YouTube,channel so to break down this formula,that I mentioned I normally start,writing my captions in the Notes app on,my phone and I always make the first,three to four lines the most important,this is where the meat of the caption is,you want it to have the most important,information and you want it to grab your,followers attention the reason why you,want to do this is because after four,lines that is where Instagram cuts off,your caption and they put they read more,tab so you want to entice people to,click that read more and so they can,read the rest of your caption and,hopefully you include call-to-action sdn,where people then either go to your,youtube channel your blog post or go buy,something that you might have on sale so,for example if there's a new video that,I just uploaded to the channel and I am,posting it on my Instagram I make sure,the first words of my caption include,there's a new video on the channel I,know many of you follow me on Instagram,for updates like that so I make sure to,let you guys know that that is what's,going on with my brand definitely go,check out your favorite youtubers or,bloggers I'm sure they start off their,captions with new video new blog post as,a consumer and I'm sure you guys do this,too you get all excited you like their,post you comment yeah you so excited,you're going to go watch now and that's,you,engaging with her posts and was,instagrams new algorithm they favor,posts that have the highest engagement,which is why you heard all these,complaints about people noticing that,their engagement has decreased and you,probably only seen what popular,Instagram wears on your feed it's,because there in most engagement so by,making it your caption the best caption,ever,hopefully it increases engagement and,you are popping up on people's feed and,you see your numbers increasing with,lowland and there are so many tips and,tricks that I can share in an entirely,different video so let me know if you,want that I'm trying to figure out how,to beat the algorithm myself because I,noticed that my engagement and my,following has decreased and so yeah,that's a whole nother story now let's,talk emojis I cannot write a text a,tweet and Instagram caption without a,few mogees it just doesn't feel natural,emojis are awesome because it helps you,to add personality it can help you with,your call to action and as a lot of,color and catches the eye so I'm saying,is use the heck out o

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(Video) Beautiful Quotes About Sisters That Will Make You Feel Awesome



hey loves welcome our welcome back to my,channel I am partial RNA and in today's,video I am giving you ten Instagram,baggy captions to use for your photos I,don't care what anyone says captions for,your pictures matter you can fumble the,bag by posting a dope picture by having,a lane whack or a caption that just,doesn't even go there's been so many,times where I flat scroll down my,Instagram Timeline and seeing pictures,that weren't that appeasing to me but,the caption was good so it was like I,was forced to like the picture because,the caption was just so good you can,have a bad picture but a good caption,and you just still gonna say everything,off you're still going to get the likes,that you want to get so I'm gonna give,you 10 captions that you can use for,your photos so you don't have to use it,today drive these tomorrow you don't,have to use it next week but I would,advise you to write these down put it in,your phone under notes or do whatever,you got to do just to have these stored,away somewhere that you can use for a,rainy day or put it to use when you're,ready to so the first caption is I'm,hard to catch that's that butterfly,effect,now this caption I think is super cute,it's one of those photos where if you're,looking cute and innocent but you're,letting it be known that you're still,not an easy catch that's the butterfly,effect,you know because butterflies are like,hearts at catch you're also hard to,catch so just a butterfly effect get it,got it but no I think that this caption,is really cute it's really innocent and,you can even act like a butterfly emoji,behind it I would so the second caption,is hey I heard you're a player nice to,meet you I'm the coach so with this,caption you literally have to be in bad,chick mo like you have to really look,super bad in this picture to use this,caption you're basically saying like you,know I heard you're a player but guess,what I'm the coach nice to meet you,so we use this caption you want to make,sure that your hair's done your makeups,then your outfit is on point this ik,actually use when you're super dressed,up you have on heels you're probably out,at a fancy restaurant or out on the town,this is the type of caption that she,used you can use this caption when,you're in PJ's or you're chilling around,the house I mean you can but it works,better if you're out and you're looking,super good because this caption is kind,of cocky if it comes off a little cocky,or arrogant so you want to make sure,that you're fit in the cache number 3,hard to get harder to forget hmm so this,caption you can use this for a selfie,you can use this for a full body you,don't really have to be in straight bad,chick mode like the previous caption but,for this one you want to make sure that,you're still looking cute because you're,saying that your hard to get and then,you're saying if they do get you it's,gonna be harder for them to forget so,you still wanna make sure that you're,looking cute in this picture but for,this caption I don't recommend you you,don't have to be like super dressed up,but you still want to be cute the bare,minimum would be cool as long as you're,cute number four is one of my favorites,I've actually used this caption before,it's chill but still a big deal so with,this caption basically this is one of,those captions you can use if you're,just lounging around the house or you're,just you know out running errands you're,not really looking the best but you,still look good with this caption I,would use this I won't use this if I was,super dressed up because you're saying,you're chill I wouldn't use this caption,if I had on maybe like I don't know how,to really describe it maybe like joggers,with some tennis shoes maybe a crop tee,and when I feel it hit maybe I don't,know you're just you're dressed down but,you're still girly with it you're still,looking cute,basically just saying like I'm chill,like I'm chill but I'm still a big deal,number five is sense a lot about you if,you ain't feeling us so this is one of,those captions where you use not by,yourself you need to be in a group we're,not even a Stanley group it can be like,a group of friends or you and your,bestie and your sister or your cousin,you want whoever you want a neighbor who,Evelyn as long as y'all are looking,super good super fly and y'all lookin,like y'all got their confidence you can,definitely use this caption and it's,basically saying like if you ain't,fooling us that sounds a lot about you,cuz look at us who wouldn't be filling,this so yeah it's like one of those,CAPTCHAs a little cocky a little,conceited but hey if you're looking good,you can use it caption number six one of,one okay,this caption is super simple but it's,still a statement you're literally,saying you're one of one that's just,like the top five and I ain't number,five you know if you get it so with this,one you can literally just put 1 of 1 or,if you want to be a little extra you can,put one of one period you can say hmm,one of one

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Instagram Reels TUTORIAL + How To Add Text To Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels TUTORIAL + How To Add Text To Instagram Reels

(Video) TOP 20 INSTAGRAM SISTER'S CAPTIONS | Quotes | Latest Sister's Captions| Trendy Captions

hey guys i'm nina zeta with sidewalker,daily and in today's,video i want to walk you through a,behind-the-scenes,tutorial to show you how to create your,first reel,so i work with lots of small business,owners and,business coaches and influencers and,content creators and really just people,who love social media,and with instagram reels just like any,other technology there's always a little,bit of a learning curve,for people to start posting they get a,little intimidated by the technology,they're like how do i do,this and then all that intimidation,actually stops,my clients from posting so this video is,meant to help you guys,publish that first reel and get,confident in the tech side,on the back end so that you can do what,you love most which is,create content but not be held back by,the fear of doing it wrong so this is,what this video is going to cover,now before we jump into the tutorial,side where i will be sharing my phone,my screen so you can actually see how,it's done i want to walk you through the,creator,process of how you should be even,planning your instagram reels yes there,is planning that goes into it you don't,just get up and post,now the one thing i think that's really,important when it comes to planning out,your content,especially for instagram reels is that,you want to think about it as,a story right so story has a beginning,a middle and an end so if you are going,to be sharing something you want to,share it,in a chronological style of order this,is my first,tip when creating instagram reels style,of content,storyboard some ideas of three points a,b and c,and what are three different clips that,you can show in that a b and c,sequence to help you get from a to c,right so you don't want to put the last,frame first,and the first frame last that would make,not a good real,and just not good storytelling so you,want to get organized this is absolutely,the first place,to start even before you pick up your,camera and start shooting you want to,get some notes out start thinking to,yourself okay what do i want to do what,do i want to show,in today's video i'm going to show three,clips,of three small little clips to help you,story tell a morning,moment that i had this morning now while,you're storyboarding and while you're,creating your ideas for your sequences,or for what you want your reals to even,be about,there's a few things that you can do if,you have no idea,then just get on reels and get inspired,okay this is like always something i,tell the creators i work with whether,it's be on my one-on-one coachings,or my group coaching i often say get on,the platform see what you like,what made you stop the scroll and save,it save that content,and any content creator will tell you,they all do this the idea is not to,copy others the idea is to say oh i like,that,how can i make it better so by even,getting,on reels yourself browsing seeing what,you like,this will help you idea generate your,story your sequence and what you want to,post,about it's also important to note you,guys that,when you are coming up with your reels,and your storyboard,you want to keep it authentic and not,overly polished and not overly,instagrammy okay so the reason i said,instagramming i don't even know if,that's a,word but um the reason tick tock did so,well was because people were so relieved,to have,fresh content that wasn't perfect that,wasn't overly like,edited we wanted content on tick tock,that made us laugh,that made us connect that made us feel,human so that's the importance to take,that thought process,into your reels storytelling idea you,don't need it to be these,perfect videos and they don't need to be,perfect clips,actually the more human you are and the,more authentic you are,the better i promise that obviously you,need to be creative,and have fun ideas but the ideas can be,creative,the content doesn't have to be overly,perfect,and if you need help creating engagement,with your audience,having authentic conversations and,growing your tribe,i'm gonna leave a link below to our,insta authentic,it has over 400 prompts and conversation,starters,to get the convo going with your,audience to build deep engagement,and deep trust with your community so,i'm gonna leave all that for you guys,okay guys so now i'm gonna go ahead and,share my screen and teach you how to,make a,real using pre-filmed content,so this morning i already filmed the,content and that's what we're going to,be using for this video,now the first thing you're going to want,to do is make sure you're on reels not,on live,not on stories but on reels and i always,suggest,creating content um putting the audio,first,instead of putting the audio at the end,it just kind of makes more sense to,choose your vibe,first with your song and piece it to,your clips versus the other way around,but of course,you guys have to do it works for you so,you can search music you can browse i,already know that i want to use this,song that i love you baby by serf messa,and this little tria

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